Scholarship Application


The scholarship is one of several ways our company works with Clifton students. We encourage students from Clifton High School to be part of our productions by offering them an opportunity to participate from the beginning to the final stages of a community theater production. Students work along side accomplished actors, directors, producers, lighting and sound technicians and other areas from which they will benefit. This experience will enable students to get a better understanding of staging a show from behind the scenes.

scholarship tlc


Past recipients include:

2016 Sarah Plishka, Carla Silvestri
2015 Kylie Marie Gonzalez, Amber Helou
2014 Matt Bodnar, Katie Scorziello, Sarah Fusco, Walter Santiago Geschleider III,
2013 Ileana Ramos, Nick Hawrylko, Fred Dzuiba, Allison Green
2012 Christina Segura, Bhasia Shah
2011 Paige Sciarrino, Melanie Ciappi
2010 Sean Steinfeldt, Victoria Karty
2009 Victoria Waumans, Jennifer Burkhardt
2008 Austin J. Diaz, Michelle Sauerborn
2007 Christopher Robertson, Kristen Hariton
2006 Elizabeth Sinski