The Theater League of Clifton, Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the arts through theatrical performances.  Our goal is to provide an outlet for creative community involvement, and to provide quality entertainment for all ages.  It is also our goal to nurture the development of theater arts in Clifton’s youth by creating a scholarship for Clifton High School seniors.

The scholarship is one of several ways our company hopes to work with Clifton students. We will encourage students from Clifton High School to be part of our productions by offering them an opportunity to participate from the beginning to the final stages of  a community theater production. Students will work along side accomplished actors, directors, producers, lighting and sound technicians and other areas from which they will benefit.  This experience will enable students to get a better understanding of staging a show from behind the scenes.

Thinking about getting involved?  Whether you are interested in acting or prefer to help out behind the scenes — set design, sound, lights, publicity, fundraising — there are plenty of ways to get in on the act.  And we’d love to see some new faces.

– Mark Peterson


Our mission is to strive to cultivate the arts and entertainment in Clifton and to create a connection with its citizens through theater, by entertaining, enlightening and uplifting people who attend our productions, while making a difference in education as well, by awarding a graduating Clifton High School senior a scholarship.